Royal Navy Come to Sixways

On Wednesday 4th October 2006 the Royal Navy Presentation Team are holding an open evening in the Hallmark Suite at Sixways. Open at 6.30 pm, the event will include a fast-paced and entertaining presentation, question and answer session, as well as drinks and canapes.

Royal Navy Presentation in Worcester  4th October 2006

6.30 Guests arrive, Wine & Soft Drinks
7.00  Presentation
7.30  Questions
8.00  Drinks and Canapes
8.45  Guests depart

Whilst the roles of public bodies such as the Police and the Health Services are well understood throughout the UK, the relevance of the Royal Navy to each of our lives is a mystery to many; perhaps surprising for an island nation which depends on the sea for 95% of its trade!  Few people are aware that the Royal Navy is routinely engaged in activities as diverse as Humanitarian Relief, Counter Drug Operations, Anti-Piracy Patrols and UK Search and Rescue in addition to the more traditional war-fighting alongside the other Armed Forces. 

My team gives public presentations around the country to a wide cross-section of the community with the aim of raising awareness of the Royal Navy and our operations in support of British interests worldwide.  The fast-moving and entertaining presentation, which lasts 30 minutes, is followed by a question and answer session where we encourage the audience to challenge us on any aspect of Naval operations, equipment or people related issues; as current sea-going officers, my co-presenter and I offer frank and straightforward answers.  Please note that my team is in the business of informing and not recruiting (although we can offer contact details).

With drinks served before and after the presentation, we create an informal atmosphere in which you will be able to meet serving officers and ratings and indeed with other members of your local community.  We would be delighted to see you at the Sixways Stadium, Pershore Lane, Hindlip, Worcester on 4 October 2006 and do please encourage your partner and friends to attend also.  For catering purposes, we would be grateful if you would contact our office to let us know that you are attending and the size of your party.

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I do hope you can join us on and very much look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,

S R McQuaker
Commander Royal Navy
Royal Navy Presentation Team