Community department looks to big business

Since its inception in 2004, the Worcester Warriors Community Schools Programme has been a huge success. We now need help!

The funding which has been provided by a private sponsor and Sportsmatch over the past three years is now at an end.

The Community Department is looking for a major new business partner to invest in the future of community rugby in Worcestershire through a programme that’s delivered the following:

  • A structured programme to develop communication, motor-generic sports skills and healthy lifestyle knowledge to just under 12,000 young boys and girls in almost every primary and middle school in Worcestershire.
  • Coach education and mentoring opportunities have been provided to 720 junior coaches and over 700 primary and middle school teachers
  • Coaching sessions to over 1000 boys and girls every week of term.
  • 452 player appearances at local schools

As a result:

  • 68 per cent of fans think rugby community programmes are having a positive impact on local health education
  • RFU statistics show that the number of boys playing rugby in Worcestershire from 6-12 years old increased by 5.4 per cent, while all other age groups showed a decline
  • 70 per cent of fans think theĀ  rugby community programme has a positive impact on fitness, while 49 per cent think rugby helps improve social skills

“This is a great opportunity for any businesses to align their corporate and social responsibilities with scope of work and positive community messages the department has worked very hard to project over the past two-and-a-half years,” says community development manager Dan Zaltzman.

“After consulting teachers, coaches, sports development officers, parents, players and partnership development managers, we’ve identified needs in the provision of a sustainable rugby programme throughout Worcestershire and now have a new exciting three-year development plan that we want to implement.

“If a suitable funding partner can be found, this programme will guarantee to fill these gaps in provision and ensure that rugby, and healthy lifestyles, are part of the fabric of future generations in the area.”

For more information, please contact Dan on 01905 459314 or e-mail