Warriors End of Season Awards

Worcester Warriors will be hosting the Players End of Season Awards Night at Sixways on Friday, June 22.

And you and your guests could be treated like royalty, enjoy all the trappings of fame and sample life as a superstar at this Hollywood themed event.
The first team players will all be in attendance as the prestigious awards are given out after the drama of another Guinness Premiership campaign.
And you could also be part of a special night! From a red carpet entrance surrounded by the flash bulbs of the paparazzi to a spectacular dining auditorium and beyond into the night, you will be guided through every aspect of the evening by your experienced host. On top of that you will also get to enjoy genuine Hollywood memorabilia, a stunning cabaret and thrilling magician’s act.
With this much decadence, and two packages available to enjoy a fabulous three-course scrumptious meal, you simply can’t go wrong! So come along and become the star you were always meant be at the Warriors End of Season Awards night.

Package 1: £45 per head – Premium seating near the players, all entertainment and wine included with the meal.
Package 2: £30 per head – all entertainment and meal