Comedy with Jo Brand at Sixways

Sixways Stadium will be the venue for a special night of comedy when Jo Brand appears at the home of the Warriors on Friday, February 27 to help raise vital funds for Megan Baker House near Leominster.

What is it that we all wish for the most? Most people when questioned would surely say the health of their loved ones. So imagine the pain and anguish when a child is born disabled or becomes disabled due to an injury or accident.

Megan Baker House near Leominster provides hope for families in just that scenario. Founded by Jo Baker Watson in 2001when her daughter Megan was born with Cerebral Palsy, the charity now provides FREE OF CHARGE Conductive Education and rehabilitation services for over 200 families a week.

The range of life-changing sessions and activities designed to encourage development of physical independence, social and communication skills can be applied to many motor disabilities and a recent addition to the sessions provided is for adults with early on-set Parkinson’s disease.

The centre is run entirely on grants from Trusts and altruistic organisations.

“Earlier this year, Jo Baker Watson, the charity’s founder and I were talking about practical ways in which I, as a patron, could help support the charity,” explained Jo Brand.

“A comedy night such as this with supper and much more is a great way to enjoy a fun evening whilst raising money to provide the vital services which the charity provides free of charge.”

Tickets to the event cost £30 per head inclusive of supper. For further details please contact Warriors Events Department on 01905 454183 or email