Skipper – Core Values kept me on track

Worcester skipper Pat Sanderson has saluted the Core Values of rugby union saying: “Rugby has kept me on the right track.”

This week the Rugby Football Union launched the THIS IS RUGBY campaign, underpinned by the sport’s pillars of TEAMWORK, RESPECT, ENJOYMENT, DISCIPLINE and SPORTSMANSHIP.

In partnership with Premier Rugby Limited (PRL) and the Professional Rugby Players Association (PRA), the RFU will work to promote the Core Values to everyone involved in rugby, from the England team to the grassroots game.

And former England skipper and current Warriors captain Sanderson told the RFU podcast: “Being involved in the THIS IS RUGBY campaign has made me reflect on what rugby has given me – and it’s an awful lot.

“The values I learned from a very early age have kept me on the straight and narrow. When I was 15-16 I was incredibly ambitious to play for England and rugby gave me that self-discipline.

“It’s a tough environment but you play it with people that you love, you make friends for life and it’s an incredibly unique sport in that way.”

The podcast also contains interviews with RFU President John Owen and RFU Past President Bob Rogers, who chaired the Core Values Task Group. 

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