New group booking offers available

Get together with your friends and take advantage of this great Group Booking offer.

We have a new group booking offer which is available to anyone wishing to purchase more than twenty tickets.

A special offer of bronze tickets at £20 per adult and £10 per junior (usual price £24 adult, £12 junior) which means if you can rally together 20 friends you can save enough money to buy an extra pint or two at the bar!

Along with the release of the new group booking offer we have community group bookings available to all schools, rugby clubs and partners.

For example buy 20 Adult tickets @ £20, (normal price £24) get £100 cash back for your club/school; Buy 40 Adult tickets @ £20 and get £200 cash back for your club/school or Buy 20 Junior tickets @ £10, (normal price £12) get £50 cash back for your club/school.

(Please note where tickets are mixed i.e. adults and junior they must be in multiples of 10.)
A minimum order of 20 tickets is required to qualify for this offer.

To take advantage of either of these offers please see the group bookings page or click here to go there directly.