Local regiment set for famous race

A group of soldiers from the regiment in Hereford are taking part in a race called the The Scott-Amundsen Centernary Race. The project is to raise money for the Royal British Legion who are celebrating their 90th year.The patron of the Royal British Legion is HRH Prince William.

The last great race on earth took place exactly a hundred years ago. In 1911, Captain Scott was beaten to the South Pole by the Norwegian Roald Amundsen. A century later, two teams from the British Army will mark this epic contest by running the same race, by the same routes.

Scott's last journey has earnt a place in British history as a tale of heroism, dedication and tragic sacrifice. His name lives on not just as a noble footnote in polar history, but to this day stands out as an extreme physical undertaking in the coldest place on Earth.

A century later, six members of the British Army will run the same race following the exact routes used by Scott and Amundsen in 1911. An event never retraced before.

The modern race will require thorough training, meticulous research and planning to begin; not to mention formidable physical and mental challenges to complete.

The soldiers involved are going to race each other to the South pole. The expedition facts are frightening – 920 miles, 70 days food and fuel, 10,000 feet climb, 140kg sledges and 120 miles of glacier.

For more details and on this spectacular event and information on how to donate funds please visit www.scottamundsenrace.org