Touch a Warrior Week a Massive Success

Over 30 members of the Warriors squad supported the Summer Touch League and either played or helped coach their teams last Wednesday in the evening sunshine on Cummins Farm.

Highlights of the evening were Jake Abbott and Jonny Arr going head-to-head, with Jake and 'A Touch Of Class' just edging out Jonny’s 'Desperados' by a single point.

Another closely fought battle saw Josh Drauniniu with 'Inappropriate Touch' take on Errie Claassens and 'I Remember When I Played Touch' in the final game of the evening. The score was even until the last play when Errie’s men kept the ball alive and managed to spin it out to the wing to score and win the game.

Head Coach Richard Hill spent the evening admiring the enthusiasm and work rate of the players – no doubt wondering how they found the energy during their gruelling pre-season training!

The Warriors made a real impact on and off the pitch and all the teams and Community staff at Sixways would like to thank them for taking time out to come and join in. A few teams were even trying to sign them up for the rest of the season!

The Summer Touch League continues this Wednesday night at Sixways. Latest fixtures below: 

Week 4:


Can’t Teach Touch vs Touch Of Class

KCRFC vs I Remember When I Played Touch

Desperados vs Inappropriate Touch



Touch Me vs Droitwich

Neville’s Knobblers vs Phantom Ticklers

Touch And Go vs H&B Foods

Redditch vs Droitwich Ladies

Dudley Dynamos vs Barbournebarians



No No Wait vs Touch And Feel The Quality

Touch And Go vs Bible Bashers

Touchy Tweeter vs Modus

Please Don’t Touch vs Halcrow

Droitwich vs H&B Foods



Neville’s Knobblers vs Multiple Scoregasms

Touch Me vs No No Wait

Touch Tweeters vs Please Don’t Touch

Redditch Queenfishers vs Dudley Dynamos

Barbournebarians vs Modus



Touch And Feel The Quality vs Multiple Scoregasms

Phantom Ticklers vs Bible Bashers

Halcrow vs Droitwich Ladies