Wenlock Spring refreshes partnership with Warriors

After a successful first year as official sponsor of Warriors, Shropshire-based water company, Wenlock Spring is renewing its contract.

Wenlock Spring has been providing water throughout the Warriors ground – in bars, hospitality lounges and the conferencing facilities – as well as keeping the players refreshed during games.

Earlier in the year, Wenlock Spring launched their new 250ml sports cap bottle specifically aimed at the children's market and now these bottles are being used in the Worcester Warriors junior rugby camps.

Warriors Head of Commercial Development Tom Ryder said: “The team at Warriors are thrilled to have the support of Wenlock Spring for another year.

Not only will our players be hydrated and refreshed with a quality spring water on the pitch – but our hospitality and conferencing services at the rugby club will be providing a local spring water brand.

As we start to develop new areas within our hospitality lounges – such as a children's area – we will be looking to Wenlock Spring to keep these areas topped up with quality spring water.”

Director of Wenlock Spring Matthew Orme added: “Monitored hydration and physical activity are two things which go hand in hand.

As a bottled water brand, we understand the importance of healthy hydration and our role is to communicate this.

As the team at Warriors are put through intense physical exertion, our aim is to play a part in promoting their healthy hydration strategy. We look forward to supporting Worcester Warriors for another year.”