Club Statement on use of GPS

Worcester Warriors, having sought legal advice and carefully considered the issues, have taken the decision not to pursue any appeal against the decision or sanction of the Championship Organising Committee concerning the use of GPS without consent.

The Club will, however, seek further clarification and assurances from the RFU concerning the following issues:

1. Why the Club were not informed of the date of the Organising Committee’s meeting to consider the issue and why the Club were not given the opportunity to make representations. 

2. How it was that the Organising Committee was able to suggest that the Club had refused to remove the GPS equipment on request, given the officials’ evidence and without hearing from witnesses from the Club or allowing the Club the opportunity to challenge other witnesses.

Worcester Warriors maintain that at no stage were they asked to remove the GPS equipment either before, at half-time or during the game.

3. How it was that the RFU failed to notify the Club that London Scottish had refused to give their consent to the use of GPS equipment.

The Club now employ clear procedures concerning the use of GPS equipment and in the spirit of co-operation will continue to offer other clubs the use of such equipment and the expertise to interpret the data should they require it.

Worcester Warriors remain committed to obtaining player consent and maintaining player welfare – sentiments which it is hoped others will now also seek to achieve.