Game of the Month – 3D Zone Touch

Want to try something new with your Under 11 group?

Are you keen to improve the vision and fitness of your Under 14 team? Or maybe you need a new warm-up game to get the players primed on a cold winter’s morning? Well the Worcester Warriors Community Team are here to offer you support.

We’re lucky to be working with over 50 clubs this season and well over 100 schools, and it’s fantastic to offer support for skill development, developing rugby understanding or even just maximising youngsters’ enjoyment of the game that we all love.

We understand sometimes how hard it is to keep the players enthused when you’re trying to develop a new skill and sometimes you just need a game to change the focus of the session.

So we will be rolling out regular articles and updates about our work and offering some examples of the sessions we use to develop youngsters the Warriors way.

In our Game of the Month feature, we’ll be giving you a game you can utilise to develop some key skills for your age group. They’ll be active, fun and variable.

The game for November is 3D Zone Touch!
Suitable for any age group looking to work on handling, offloading, vision, ruthlessness, communication or even fitness.
Game Rules:
Cone off several boxes over a large area. Two teams compete to score tries by passing to a teammate inside a box. You can’t score in the same box in succession. Players can’t run with the ball, and there are no boundaries to limit players. A turnover occurs if a player makes an interception, or there is a knock on.

  • Box size/box amount
  • Run with the ball and limit touches
  • Only certain types of pass
  • Change amount of attackers/defenders

Coaching points

  • Discuss passing technique
  • Develop awareness of space (eg. Why do you think we’re using multiple scoring zones? What do we need to be aware of?)
  • Understanding of tempo
  • Movement off the ball and ‘Heads Up’ rugby, being aware of what is around you and being decisive
  • Pros and cons of shorter/longer passes (eg. How can we improve our continuity? Why are longer passes higher risk? What could be the benefits of a longer pass?)

This game can be varied massively and really does look at a whole host of skills. If you want more details, feel free to contact us on Facebook, at Warriors Community Rugby or on Twitter @WorcsCommunity.
If you’d like to know more about our work or enquire about some delivery, email