Warriors tape up with Physique Management

Warriors and Physique Management Company have signed a three-year agreement which will see Warriors being supported on and off the field by Physique.co.uk.

The partnership will see the Warriors players use products supplied by Physique to aid the players' prehab, rehab and all taping and strapping requirements, as well as pitchside first aid and treatment essentials. 

As part of the agreement, Physique.co.uk will become Official Physiotherapy and First Aid Suppliers of Warriors with Tiger Tapes becoming the Official Sports Tape and Strapping Suppliers.

Managing Director at Physique Management Limited, Kevin Peters, said: “We are excited by the opportunity to work with Warriors. With products from pitchside first aid, taping and strapping to rehab and therapy, as well as strength and exercise equipment, we are well placed to support professional and amateur clubs and ensure the highest standards in player welfare.”

Warriors High Performance Director Nick Johnston added: “In any high performance environment you need to ensure athletes are given every chance to achieve their goals. 

“Agreeing partnerships with companies like Physique ensures that we are able to offer our athletes the best products and enable them to do their jobs to the best of their ability.”

Physique Management

Physique Management, formed in 1998, are a leading supplier of sports injury, sports massage, holistic, complimentary and exercise products, using advice and guidance from the very best sports healthcare worldwide. 

They specialise in providing exceptional quality products for use in sports injury treatments, massage, rehabilitation, holistic, complimentary and training and education workshops.

Physique Management are a major supplier of sports injury products, including taping and bandaging to therapists at teams including football, rugby, athletics, hockey and many more throughout Europe.

You can also take part in their Learn BY Doing Workshops throughout the UK where you can earn CPD points on either ultrasound therapy, kinesiology taping and other sports healthcare techniques.

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