Miller & Carter Player of the Month award

Miller & Carter Steakhouse, a new addition to Worcester’s dining out scene, have teamed up with Warriors to sponsor the Player of the Month award.

To celebrate, the premium steakhouse hosted props Nick Schonert, Ethan Waller, Ryan Bower, Gareth Milasinovich, Simon Kerrod and Biyi Alo to a truly indulgent steak experience.

The front-rowers sampled various menu options, from the show-stopper 30oz tomahawk steak to mouth-watering lobster mac & cheese sides and beef dripping sauce.

The team were given an insight into the meticulous process that every Miller & Carter steak goes through, from the farms to the expert butchers and grill-chefs, to produce the flavoursome steaks which had made it to the plate.

The new restaurant is based in Worcester’s Cathedral Square and officially opened on Friday 14 July.

Regional Business Manager Christian Fox said: “The opening has been really well received by the people of Worcester. We’re excited to support the Warriors Player of the Month award. The great thing about a place like Worcester is that people love their rugby and by the looks of things people love our steak as well. This makes it a perfect match.”

Warriors supporters will be given the opportunity to vote for their Miller & Carter Player of the Month, with the winning player receiving a £50 voucher to cash in at the new restaurant.

Warriors Business Development Manager Jack Royle said: “The kudos of being awarded Player of the Month has just been made even better. We’re delighted to be working with Miller & Carter this season and look forward to supporting their new Worcester restaurant.”

If you haven’t visited yet, you can find out more information by clicking here.