Warriors launch exciting range of GIFs!

Start using Warriors GIFs on social media

Warriors are delighted to reveal an exciting array of GIFs which are now available to use on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

A host of Warriors stars have lent a hand recently to produce a series of fun GIFs, including the likes of Bryce Heem, Francois Hougaard and Jack Singleton.

To check out the available GIFs, head over to giphy.com/worcswarriors/.

If you look at the GIFs on the web page, you’ll be able to see which words to type in to find your required GIF on Twitter, while the Giphy website also allows you to post on Facebook and Instagram.

So far we have 95 GIFs and counting and will update these throughout the course of the season for fans to be able to use!

Our top GIF so far is of Bryce Heem donning sunglasses – which has almost two million views already!

To start using the GIFs head over to Twitter.com and get tweeting.

How to use GIFs on:


  • When on Twitter and composing a new tweet, simply click on the GIF tab and type in Worcester Warriors to be able to find Warriors GIFs.
  • On top of typing Worcester Warriors, if you type in associated descriptive words, eg. Worcester Warriors thumbs up, you will be able to find the GIF you desire closer to the top of the feed.
  • Click the GIF you wish to use.



  • Set up a giphy.com account and then head to https://giphy.com/search/worcester-warriors.
  • Click on the GIF you wish to post and then click on the Instagram icon under ‘SHARE IT!’.
  • You’ll then be prompted to type your email in, so type it in to receive the GIF.
  • When you receive the email, save the attached MP4 to your phone.
  • Post on your Instagram or Instagram Story!

The GIFs can also be used on Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit.