Security: A team effort

The safety and security of supporters and staff at Warriors is our number one priority. We want you to enjoy games over the course of the festive season, but remain vigilant and help us to keep everyone safe.

The threat level for the whole of the UK remains at Severe, meaning a terrorist attack is highly likely. While there is no specific increase in threat to sports fans, sadly we have seen that terrorists will target crowded places and this can include stadiums. Therefore, like all Premiership Rugby clubs, we continue to work with the police to review our security arrangements and take appropriate steps to protect everyone here today.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi, National Counter Terrorism Policing lead for Protective Security, says: “We have been working with sporting organisations, including Premiership Rugby, to ensure we are all doing everything we can to help keep supporters and stadia staff safe to enjoy games.
“Christmas is a busy period of the year for important fixtures and, while there is no specific increase in the threat to clubs, it is timely that we remind everyone to play their part, be vigilant and ACT to report anything of concern.”

Over the festive fixtures period, we are asking everyone at Sixways to be alert, ACT on your instincts and report concerns to stewards, members of staff or police. In an emergency, always call 999.

You can expect to be searched on entry and for stewards to approach you to ask security questions.  We ask that you arrive early to allow time for extra security measures and to be patient.

  • In the event of a major incident taking place inside the stadium, it is vital you listen to official club announcements and follow safety instructions. Decisions will be made for your safety and following these instructions could save lives.
  • In the event of a terrorist incident outside the stadium, the police advice is to Run, Hide, Tell. Do not wait around to film on your mobile. Move quickly away from the stadium for your safety and to allow access for emergency services.
  • Remember, the chances of terrorist incident at  Sixways is small but being prepared and ready to respond could save lives.
  • More information about what to look out for and what to do can be found at