Moore turns to coaching during injury lay-off

By Art de Roche

Valkyries will be without Wales international scrum-half Sian Moore for the rest of the season.

Moore has been ruled out by a medial cruciate ligament injury but it will not prevent her from maintaining her involvement in the Tyrrells Premier 15s side by helping to coach the backs.

“It’s a fresh challenge. Coaching is something that I’ve been interested in for the last season or so,” Moore said.

“But it’s a good, refreshing challenge and we have a good backline and group of girls to be working with.”

Last Saturday’s match against Gloucester-Hartpury saw Moore join the coaches in the stands for the first time, a new experience which she enjoyed.

“It’s massively different being up in the stands rather than just being pitchside,” she said.

“It’s a bit colder. It’s a different mind-set. It was probably the quietest I’ve ever been during a game.

“I felt quite energetic going into it. But sitting up in the stands you don’t do much as a coach which sounds strange and backwards but it shows the responsibility the players need to take on.

“There’s just a few technical points to that need to be fed into the players.”

Moore is due to have an operation on her injury later this month, but she believes her introduction to coaching will help when she gets back on the pitch.

“I think it’ll definitely help when I get playing again. I’ve always probably coached my way through playing, but actually doing it gives you a different perspective and new tactical ideas,” Moore said.

“Rugby’s like chess. When you’re watching from the sideline, it’s a bit frustrating because you might make different moves but I look forward to taking that on board and getting back playing.”