Fidow draws blank in Japan

Warriors wing Ed Fidow drew a rare blank in his fledgling international career as Samoa went down 34-0 to Scotland in their second Rugby World Cup Pool A match in Kobe on Monday.

Fidow went into the match with an impressive strike rate of ten tries in his first nine internationals but had little opportunity to impress in attack as Scotland bounced back from defeat by Ireland in the opener.

But Fidow was busy at the other end and was sent off six minutesĀ  from time for his second yellow card offence of the match.

Fidow spent ten minutes in the sin bin midway through the second half when he entered a maul from an off-side position to deny Scotland a try.

Scotland did not score while Fidow was off the pitch but they were awarded a penalty try for his second offence when he slid knee-first into wing Sean Maitland as he was went for the corner.

Fidow later attended a disciplinary hearing where it was decided that the red card was sufficient punishment. The panel ruled that Fidow’s first offence was technical and the second was a minor act of foul play which would not have warranted a yellow card had it not prevented a try being scored.