Community Foundation aids Droitwich Coronavirus support project

Dan Hart of Warriors Community Foundation has been supporting Droitwich RFC and Droitwich Council for Voluntary Service in helping pack and deliver food during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Droitwich’s clubhouse at Hanbury Road is being used as a base for putting together the food packs which are distributed to hundreds of households in the area.

“Warriors Community Foundation are always looking to support the most vulnerable people and this week we visited Droitwich Rugby Club who are running an amazing project over the lockdown period,” said Hart, the Foundation’s Development Co-ordinator.

“The project is already supporting hundreds of people in the local community with a further 300 households being supported in the next week.

“Droitwich are doing an amazing job supporting the community in a time of need. To see rugby bringing communities together is what it’s all about and we are delighted we could help them out.”

Volunteers at Droitwich pack the food and drink into different-sized packs which provide meals for five days for those affected by the Coronavirus.

“With the current situation concerning COVID-19, we wanted to do our bit for the community, whilst ensuring we’re keeping all of our volunteers safe,” said Craig Browne of Droitwich RFC.

“As a club we are supporting Droitwich CVS who work with those who are in need at this current time.

“Our part of the puzzle includes sourcing, packing and delivering food to our local community and those in need.

“The food packs that we are distributing include various food items and snacks to make five meals for five days for families and their loved ones.

“These are made into family packs, couples’ packs and singles’ packs. We have been overwhelmed by the number of volunteers that have offered to support the club ranging from senior players, parents of M&Js and the wider membership”.