Annett helps Warriors Inclusion RFC players cope with Coronavirus lockdown

Warriors’ hooker Niall Annett has been helping the Warriors Community Foundation’s Inclusion rugby team cope with the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus.

Simon Northcott, Inclusion Lead for the Foundation, set up a Zoom conference call which involved 22 Inclusion players and volunteer organisers and invited Annett to join them to answer questions about he is coping in the lockdown, his ‘Wind Yer Neck In’ podcast and how he prepares for matches.

“I’d like to say how much I enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces and big smiles at this weird and difficult time,” Annett said.

“It is so important to keep connected and social. The work Simon and the other coaches do to keep this group connected and able to continue to enjoy each other’s company is fantastic. We had a great chat and laugh and I would welcome popping back on for a catch up anytime.”

Annett’s contribution to the conference call was enjoyed by the Inclusion team members and also helped  some of them overcome uncertainty about using an unfamiliar means of communication.

“The lockdown has had a major impact on everyone but for the inclusion guys it has disrupted their regular routine and affected them both mentally and physically,” Northcott said.

“Niall was delighted to join us on the conference call and talked about his own experiences of coming to terms with the lockdown.

“It certainly made a huge impact on the group, many who had never used Zoom before and some of whom were a little self-conscious about it.”

The Warriors Inclusion RFC is a Foundation initiative which has been set up for people who have severe anxiety about joining other teams. It has become a consistent part of the lives of many of the players and includes some players who are also involved in the Foundation’s Tackling Dementia Sports Cafes which are held weekly at Sixways and in Kidderminster.