Sione Vailanu starts fundraising following Tonga tsunami

Warriors number eight Sione Vailanu has started fundraising to help people affected by the tsunami in his native Tonga.

Tonga, which is made up of 170 islands in the Pacific Ocean, was badly affected by the tsunami after a volcano, Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai, erupted on Saturday.

The full impact of the tsunami has still been assessed with communications to the islands also disrupted.

Vailanu, a Tonga international, has family in an area hit by the tsunami but believes that they managed to make it to safety on higher ground.

Vailanu and Wasps centre Malakai Fekitoa have now set up a fund-raising page to send essential supplies to Tonga as soon as possible.

“The damage was from the volcano and the tsunami. All of Tonga was affected. Three people have passed away and lots of others are still missing,” Vailanu said.

“I have a lot of family and friends there but I haven’t been able to hear from them because of the damage to all the communication systems. Hopefully they are in a good place now and I can contact them soon.

“Myself and one of my best friends, Wasps centre Malakai Fekitoa are doing some fundraising so he can organize a few containers of suppliers from New Zealand to Tonga.

“We appreciate any donations to the page because the people need all the support they can get.”

You can donate to Sione Vailanu’s fundraising here