Club Statement on Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regarding Colin Goldring

The Agreed Outcome from the SRA relates to Worcester Warriors co-owner Colin Goldring’s work as a trainee solicitor in 2017 and a complaint made against the firm he was working for.

The RFU and EFL were made aware of the situation prior to the order being agreed. All regulatory bodies expressed to Goldring that they were satisfied he was fit and proper to own and be director of a sports club.

Goldring said: “The legal profession is rightly held to a high standard, and it is regrettable that failings were found at the firm I was working for as a trainee which impacted some work I did for a client.

“The outcome delivered by the SRA acknowledges the lack of appropriate supervision provided to me as a trainee solicitor. It cleared me of any allegations of dishonesty or lack of integrity and did not impose a fine or ban. The Agreed Outcome that I would not work for a law firm again without the SRA’s prior consent is fair and does not impact my current position.

“The outcome was agreed on the basis I had acted with honesty and integrity. I hold these values in the highest regard and am glad my name was cleared on both.

I thank Worcester Warriors and the partners and sponsors I have spoken with today for their continued confidence in me.”