Diabetes Rugby Testimonial

From Parents

“Encouraging children with Type 1 into sport is so important, and being all Diabetics together they can support each other. It helps them to all feel the same and to not feel different to other children when they have to test their blood glucose levels, or treat a hypo. It’s also a great opportunity for parents to get together and share experiences.”

“We are so lucky to have something like this for our children to attend & really shows that diabetes doesn’t stop your child from playing sport. My son loves it & it has also reignited his interest in rugby!”

“Having a child with Type 1 diabetes brings a number of challenges, but one of the hardest is convincing your child that the diabetes won’t hold them back from doing anything they set their mind to. By taking our 5 year old to Chris’s Diabetes Rugby Academy, he can see that people with diabetes can be sporty, successful and be fit and healthy, and that it won’t hold them back.
Being able to go to every week and play with other Type 1s has also shown that we can be a “normal” family (20 kids all testing blood sugar at half time – Brilliant!). We have so much appreciation for the team that give their time each week to allow this academy to run, and for allowing our 5 year old to take part. He loves playing with the older children, and is now a rugby fanatic!”

From the Kids

“The Diabetes Rugby Academy is for children aged 18 or below with diabetes to enjoy playing rugby and share experiences about having diabetes. It is extremely enjoyable and you make new friends and we also get to meet some of the Warriors players each week. I have lots of fun and I love it!”

“It’s great. I love playing rugby with others who have the same condition as me.”