Stadium Regulations

  1. The Management reserves the right of admission to the Stadium.
  2. Entry is by ticket only and the Management reserves the right to refuse admission, or to eject from the Stadium, any person who refuses to comply with these regulations.
  3. Persons entering the Stadium are admitted only subject to these rules. Entry shall be deemed to constitute unqualified acceptance of all these rules.
  4. Any person attempting to gain admission or being found within areas of the Stadium designated for paying spectators without the appropriate authorisation/ticket may be ejected from the Stadium.
  5. Dogs (with the exception of assistance dogs) or live animals are NOT permitted in the stadium unless by prior arrangement with management of WRFC Trading Ltd.
  6. Persons issued with a ticket for a specific seat must occupy that seat unless instructed otherwise by a steward or other authorised agent of the Club. Standing in seated areas whilst play is in progress if strictly forbidden.
  7. Play cannot be guaranteed to take place on any particular day or at any particular time and the Management reserves the right to change advertised fixtures without notice or liability.
  8. In the event of a match being postponed or abandoned, any refund of the admission charge will be at the sole discretion of the Management. This is subject to a time limitation, details of which may be obtained from the Warriors Ticket Office. Persons entering the Stadium are advised to retain their ticket stub, as this may be required to be produced at a later time.
  9. The obstruction of gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and like places is strictly forbidden as is the climbing of floodlight pylons, stands or any other structure within the Stadium.
  10. Behaviour likely to cause confusion or annoyance to any other person is not permitted in any part of the Stadium.
  11. Fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, knives, poles and/or any other article which might be used or constructed as weapons and/or compromise public safety are not permitted within the Stadium. Bottles, glasses and cans are not to be removed from bar areas and taken into spectator areas or on to the playing areas. Stewards or Police Officers may stop and search any person believed to be contravening this regulation.
  12. Flags more than 100cm in size at their widest or longest section and flagpoles greater than 1m in length may not be allowed, unless authorised by Management. Flags may be confiscated for the duration of the event and returned on exit from the ground.
  13. The following are strictly forbidden:
  14. The throwing of any object that could be deemed to constitute a danger to other persons.
  15. The use of foul and abusive language, obscene chanting or racial abuse towards other persons.
  16. Unauthorised entry onto the field of play except in an emergency as directed by the stewards.
  17. Any person found removing, damaging or defacing Club property will be prosecuted.
  18. Persons failing to comply with instructions from a steward, police officer or other authorised agent of the Club may be ejected from the Stadium.
  19. The Management reserves the right for its stewards, agents and police to remove from the ground any person who does not comply with all these rules and regulations, or whose presence within the Stadium, is, or could reasonably be construed as constituting a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance to any other person.
  20. The liability of the Club for either loss or damage to vehicles and their contents left in car parks or for death or injury to any person using or entering the Club property is excluded to the extent permitted by statute.
  21. Only persons authorised in writing by the Management are permitted to film or take photographs for commercial gain, distribute without charge or offer for sale any article, raffle ticket or other item whatsoever within the Club grounds and buildings.
  22. Only a person specifically authorised is permitted within the Ground to offer for sale or distribute without charge any item or article whatsoever. No charitable or other collection within the Ground shall be undertaken save with the specific authorisation of the Management.
  23. Persons are reminded that the management accept no responsibility for any property left anywhere on the premises and such property is left at the owner’s risk.
  24. In order to comply with the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act 1985, admission to the Stadium will be denied to ticket holders carrying alcohol or any article, or part of an article, capable of causing injury to a person struck by it, being a bottle, can or other portable container which is for holding any drink, and is of a kind which, when empty, is normally discarded or returned to, or left to be recovered by, the supplier. Where admission is refused in such circumstances, no money will be refunded.
  25. Smoking is strictly forbidden within the Stadium, this includes the use of e-cigarettes. Any persons contravening this legal requirement will face expulsion from the ground. Anyone leaving the ground to smoke will be subject to a security check on their return.
  26. The setting up of barbecues and picnic equipment within Sixways is strictly forbidden. Coolboxes and picnic hampers are also prohibited.
  27. The WRFC Trading Ltd reserves the right for the Stadium Director or Event Day Safety Officer as its agent and without prior notice to revoke or vary any of the Rules with immediate effect if this is considered necessary on public safety grounds. Any such revocation or variation of the Rules will be displayed as soon as practicable at all WRFU offices, the Stadium and car parks and, if appropriate, other entrances.
  28. WRFC Trading Ltd’s agents shall be entitled to refuse admission or re-admission to, or to eject from the Stadium or the Ground, any person who does not comply with these Rules.