ConvertToZero Match 30 April

It’s time for change, so we’re changing what we’re doing!

Warriors’ passion for tackling climate change means we decided to set ourselves the challenge of hosting a carbon neutral stadium game for the Gallagher Premiership match against Saracens on April 30.

We’re going to demonstrate that a large sporting event can be run sustainably as we work towards our goal of being net zero on carbon emissions.

This will be our first #ConvertToZero match and what we learn from it will inform how we run future sporting events here at Sixways. We’ll also share these learnings with other sporting organisations, helping propel sustainability in sport.

What will you notice that is different about the day compared to other matches you might have attended?

Firstly, our match day programme will be in digital format only. This will save the production of around 45,000 printed pages – that’s ink, paper and energy that won’t be consumed.

The big screens in the stadium might look a bit less vibrant and colourful but for good reason – reducing the brightness and use of colour on the screens saves energy.

You’ll notice a change in the food on offer too, with plenty of locally sourced meat-free options available. Perhaps you’ll be tempted to choose a vegetarian or vegan meal or snack on this occasion. Give it a try!

We’ll be asking all our partners and sponsors to showcase their own green credentials in their match-day advertising, encouraging them to think about the sustainability of their own operations.

There will be increased buses on the Sixways Shuttle service to encourage supporters to leave their cars at home and we are working to offer Saracens supporters transport on electric coaches. Could you car share to get to the stadium?

#ConvertToZero – be part of it!

In the lead up to the game and on match day we’ll be sharing ideas about the small changes you can make to make a big difference. If everyone takes away just one small idea and implements it, then collectively that’s a lot of people creating positive change for the environment!

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