Social Inclusion


We work in areas of highest need supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Our vision is to create a game of rugby for everyone who wishes to play whilst working with every sector of our society. Read a testimonial here from a participant of one of our initiatives.

Project Rugby

Project Rugby is a programme delivered in conjunction with Premiership Rugby and England Rugby.

We focus on five specific areas:

  • Rugby for people with disabilities
  • Rugby for people who have mixed abilities
  • Rugby for Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic groups
  • Women’s participation
  • Rugby for people living in low socioeconomic areas

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Homeless Rugby

Not only do we have a Warriors Homeless Rugby Team, we also held the first International Homeless Rugby Tournament here at Sixways Stadium in 2017.

Over the last five years the team has played in numerous competitions, gaining media exposure both regionally through BBC Midlands Today and nationally. This initiative gives positive experiences, structure and responsibility to players.

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We have created an adapted game of rugby for everyone who wants to play the game. Hugby, is our latest form of the game for people who have visual impairment and those who have lost their sight.

Hugby, a ground breaking version of the sport for people with a visual impairment was born and developed at Warriors Community Foundation and its popularity continues to grow with the sport now being played across England, Wales, Scotland, Spain Germany and now being introduced across South Africa.

Hugby is a totally inclusive form of VI sport and can be adapted, with ease, to ensure the integrity of inclusion.

Hugby was developed from a chance meeting with a rugby player who was losing her sight. We spoke about her lack of future opportunity to play the sport and so the concept of VI/Blind Rugby was born. The name Hugby comes from the tackle area. We spoke to the blind and visually impaired communities and they wanted contact area. We have a specialist channel for B1 (fully blind players) to play in and all sight loss variables can and do play together.

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We are delighted to have the support of DESign Group, the official sponsor of HUGBY.

Nicholas Karl, Group Engineering Director, DESign said ‘we are delighted to have the opportunity to become the Official Partner of HUGBY. We have been really impressed with the innovation shown by the Warriors Community Foundation to adapt the sport to become fully inclusive to those with visual impairments. We are really excited about the partnership with the Foundation and seeing HUGBY develop not only in the UK but also in our other business locations such as Germany and South Africa.’

To find out more information about DESign Group, please visit

Dementia Café

Worcester Warriors’ ‘Tackling Dementia’ Sports Café is for people affected by dementia and their families, friends and carers. The sports café provides people the opportunity to get together, share experiences and engage in a relaxed sporting activity before unwinding in a safe and friendly environment and enjoy light refreshments, creating memories. We have two cafes in both Worcester (Sixways Stadium Wednesdays 10am-12pm) and Kidderminster (KDYT youth centre Tuesdays 1pm-3pm).

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Chris Pennell’s Diabetes Academy

We offer a safe and fun environment where you can run about, learn about the benefits of sport and share tips on diabetes.

Chris Pennell, a Warriors and England player who has diabetes said: “I was diagnosed with diabetes during the early stages of my career and the condition hasn’t held me back at all.

“With the right knowledge and support, people with diabetes can manage the condition to ensure they can do all the things that people without diabetes can do.

“I’m really excited about meeting other people with diabetes and enjoying a game of rugby while we share our experiences of living an active life through the right exercise and nutrition.”

Sessions are free to attend and take place in the High-Performance Centre at Sixways every Tuesday between 4.15pm and 5.15pm.

For more information email Warriors Inclusion Coach

Only Girls Allowed

Only Girls Allowed is the umbrella brand for female-only initiatives. We have specialist programmes to work with girls aged under 16 and girls aged 16 and over.

Our Pre 16 project aims to work with 12 to 14-year-olds who have low self-esteem. We work with the groups to raise their aspirations and deliver sessions around teamwork, leadership and communication. Alongside these classroom activities we also offer a chance to try new sports and have a go at new activities here at Sixways Stadium.

Our 16 Plus initiative is for women who want to try different sports but who may not have had the opportunity.

As well as taking part in new sports and exercise and keeping themselves fit, women are also able to meet new people and build new friendships in an environment where they are comfortable with their peers and feel supported.

We have worked with professional coaches from a range of sports to deliver sessions such as yoga, self-defence, rugby, tennis, netball, golf, football and dance. Read a testimonial from Patricia, who’s life has changed for the better attending Only Girls Allowed.

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