Springing up the league table with local water!

Hydration is crucial in producing a top performance every day and importantly on match day. Wenlock Spring will be hydrating Worcester Warriors players and spectators at their home ground.

The Club aims to select regional food and drink where possible and the journey from Shropshire is only a short one to the Warriors ground. The Aviva Premiership rugby team has just signed a two year sponsorship deal with bottled water company, Wenlock Spring – a partnership which will hopefully help the team to 'spring' to the top of the league table!

Tom Ryder, Head of Commercial Development at Worcester Warriors, commented: “The team at Warriors are thrilled to have the support of Wenlock Spring and we thoroughly look forward to developing a partnership. Not only will our players be hydrated and refreshed with a quality spring water on the pitch – but our hospitality and conferencing services the rugby club will be providing a quality local spring water brand. Our supplier selection plays an important role in delivering the best quality to our customers’’      

Hydration is measured daily for all of the players – water intake can have a significant impact on performance levels. It is vital that hydration is maintained at all times to help to deliver the best performance. Wenlock Spring believes that it is not just about hydration but about the type of hydration. When the nutritional intake of players is measured so closely, drinking water with provenance must play a part in creating the correct nutritional balance. Players know where Wenlock Spring comes from and what the mineral breakdown is within this spring water. Wenlock Spring will be supporting the junior rugby camps by supplying water and also hydration advice – to help educate young people to understand the importance of good hydration.

Stuart Pickering, Head of Strength and Conditioning at Worcester Warriors, commented: “Healthy hydration is something we take very seriously at Warriors. Rugby is a game of strength, speed, bursts of intensity and heavy tackling. This physical exertion requires a strict approach to hydration. We implement monitored hydration strategies to ensure our player's fluid levels are responsibly managed. With Wenlock Spring on board we know that our healthy hydration message will only be enhanced.”  

The Wenlock Spring range will also be available throughout the Warriors ground in the bars, hospitality and for conferencing. In addition to having a clean and delicately sweet taste, Wenlock Spring also has stylish bottles that look attractive on the tables and will add a finishing touch to a table dressed for an event. The water has won awards for both taste and presentation repeatedly, from the British Bottlers' Institute.

Matthew Orme, Director of Wenlock Spring, commented; “Wenlock Spring is now the official water sponsor of Worcester Warriors – a fantastic association for our business. The club is passionate about healthy hydration – the players are regularly put through hydration tests to ensure that they are consuming enough water during games. We are delighted to be a part of this and cannot emphasise enough how essential water is. Through supporting Warriors junior rugby camps, this will also give us an excellent opportunity to help educate young people about the importance of hydration and the drinks they select. Warriors will now be hydrated with a refreshing bottle of Wenlock Spring – straight from a local natural source!”