Warriors issue flag recall

Warriors are issuing a recall on the flags given to supporters before their Aviva Premiership clash with Bristol Rugby.

Following the game it emerged that the flags were not in line with the Club’s brand guidelines as the wrong pantone colours had been used. 

The mistake means the blue and yellow colours which were printed on the flags are actually darker than they should appear.

The Club will be sending an email out to all supporters who attended the game later today to provide them with details of how to return the flags.

Warriors Head of Fan Engagement Beth Reader said: “When we signed off the flag design we actually did it electronically and the colours we saw on screen unfortunately didn’t reflect our brand colours.

“With the excitement of such a big game we didn’t actually notice the mistake until an eagle-eyed supporter brought it to our attention a few weeks after the match.

“On closer inspection it was confirmed that the flags are not the right colours and therefore we will need supporters to return them to the Club before our match with Bath Rugby.”

Scrum-half Luke Baldwin, who was part of the side which defeated Bristol, says it’s important for supporters to return their flags ahead of the game.

He said: “While we didn’t actually notice the flags were the wrong colours at the time of the match, it now seems obvious they are off-brand when you look at them. 

“We don’t want to find ourselves in a situation where we are camped on the tryline during our next match with Bath, only to be distracted by catching a glimpse of flags which aren’t the right colours.”

The image at the top of the page shows the difference between the incorrect flag colour (right) and the correct flag colour as it should have appeared (left).  

Beth added: “The flag on the right is clearly much darker than the flag on the left. I’m quite surprised that more people didn’t notice it on the day.”