Five year anniversary playoff final screening

It’s been five years to the day since that unforgettable night at Sixways, with Warriors coming back from 13 points down to beat Bristol 59-58 on aggregate in the 2015 Championship Playoff Final.

We are showing the game in full tonight at 8pm and you can watch along and relive every twist and turn from an incredible game of rugby. Marco Mama also recorded a special edition of the podcast with Ryan Lamb looking back on the game and you ask questions of Lamby and Alex Grove on Twitter during the screening.

We also spoke to some of the squad about their memories:

Ryan Lamb
I’ve never been so angry as when Bristol scored their final try. We were really tired but not for one minute did I think the game was over. We had enough players in that huddle who still wanted it. For weeks beforehand me and Andy Symons had a kicking competition after training each day around that exact area pretending a playoff game was on the line so that helped a lot. I remember GJ van Velze came up to me before the kick and ruffled my hair like I was a little kid! It’s a kick you should make in your sleep – I only took a two step run up because I was scared of getting charged down.

Chris Pennell
Personally I was feeling very nervous heading into the game but then the way we had approached the weeks leading up to it helped a lot. The coaches were very good at keeping the pressure off us where possible and we were well prepped in the game plan. It was a case of keeping busy really so you didn’t have too much time to think about things too much. It was a very strange final ten minutes. GJ van Velze spoke to the group under our posts and outlined what our next job was going to be. We then just got on with it and things worked out exactly how GJ had predicted! We ended up winning a penalty and kicking to the corner. This set the platform for our comeback.
I was thrilled not to be kicking the conversion myself! I watched Lamby kick it. I felt he deserved the respect of me watching him even though I really wanted to look away. If he was going to be brave enough to kick it, I should be brave enough to watch. There would be nobody else I’d swap him with in that situation. Well, maybe Jonny Wilkinson…  I think it will always sit as number one in my career. I’m not sure the circumstances and emotions could ever be replicated. I’m very proud to have been a part of this moment in the Worcester Warriors history books.

JB Bruzulier
It was one of the craziest games I’ve ever been in. It was unbelievable, the support that night from the fans got us through! After the final whistle I ran over to my father and celebrated and to this day I still watch it and get chills and tears of how amazing those two legs were. Who would’ve thought that the one point lead earned in Bristol would make the whole difference? Fair play to Lamby for slotting that’s kick! And a massive thanks to the fans for making my time at Warriors one to remember.

GJ van Velze
We had a clear vision from the start which shows the importance of planning in pressure situations and it was a squad who were willing sacrifice anything for each other. It was a mixture of relief and excitement to represent a teammate who had received devastating news earlier in the week. Overall there was tremendous support and it was a one of kind atmosphere at Sixways that evening.

Nick Schonert
Words seem inadequate to explain the rollercoaster of emotions I felt whilst playing that game. The fact that you can watch it five years later and still feel on edge says everything. It was fairytale stuff.

Tom Biggs
We felt confident going into the second leg. The atmosphere at Sixways was awesome, and the way we came back was pretty crazy. I think a lot of credit has to go to the half backs – JB Bruzulier at scrum half and then Ryan Lamb with three exceptional bits of play. Everyone knows the drop-goal and conversion, but people rarely speak about his skill level for his pass off the final scrum. It felt like a huge relief when he got that kick, and the feeling of euphoria lasted for days after.

Alex Grove
I have fond memories of Lamby’s Didier Drogba celebration when he slotted the final conversion. I’d have preferred him to do the Jürgen Klinsmann dive in front of the North Stand but The Didier was good!

Jamie Shillcock
I think the mood was pretty good and the expectation was that we deserved to be here and that we wanted to be playing in the Premiership next year. As a replacement I was nervous the whole time. I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in a game that was so up and down as the second leg, it was just non-stop! Ryan Lamb was class in those games; his passing was unreal. He was such a good bloke with me.