Warriors Community Foundation take Hugby to Germany

Warriors Community Foundation showcased their ground-breaking Hugby, a version of the sport for people with a visual impairment, in Germany.

Representatives of the Community Foundation and Hugby player Matt Lancett visited the Blista Blind School near Marburg who work closely with New College in Worcester.

Hugby was devised by the Community Foundation as totally inclusive sport with its name derived from the contact element of the game.

During the four day visit more than 150 players with ages ranging from nine to 23-years-old were introduced to Hugby including two Paralympians.

“One girl, Sarah, had only been Visually Impaired for around 15 months and had never experienced rugby before,” said Simon Northcott, Warriors Community Foundation’s Disability Lead.

“Despite this she got involved and acted as a support to us, coaching and interpreting for us. A huge thanks to Sarah and all the students that took part in the Hugby sessions.

“Blista College is now going to continue this work for a while, with our staff visiting on occasions to maintain the continuity of the new friendship between Blista and Warriors.

“A huge shout out too to Hugby player Matt Lancett who came on the visit.

“Matt had a stroke around 18 months ago and lost all sight on his left side. This had a huge mental affect on Matt, who started to withdraw from society and became isolated.

“Hugby provided Matt with the opportunity to socialise and keep fit. Despite having never played rugby Matt has grown into Hugby and along with others speaks openly about his difficulties and is assisting with coaching and awareness sessions.”

More information about Hugby can be found here.